Project Description

Writing your own web server is FUN !!!

This library will help you quickly write your own web server. This library extends THN HTTP Stack to serve file download request from web clients.


The following screenshot is taken from the demo application in the source.



  • Supports file downloading. (Which is essentially the major job of a web server)
  • Supports file chunking. (Download managers love this feature because this supports resumable download and multi-thread download on the same file)
  • Sensible memory consumption: when a client download a 1 TB file, your server won't require 1 TB of memory.
  • Directory browsing: browse to an URL without a file extension and the content of that will be displayed. (This is enabled in debug mode and disabled in release mode by default)
  • Simple to use: just set a root path for your server and hit start.
  • Compatible to most web browsers, including mobile devices.

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